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In Return of the Damned, the ritual for Flameheart's resurrection is beginning, with the Herald of the Flame's skull in place of his old skull. However, Pendragon and Belle try the ritual themselves to summon an subsequently bind Flameheart away. Over the course of two weeks both factions fought over the sea forts and returned many bewitching dolls to aid in the ritual. At the end of the adventure the Reaper's Bones faction emerged victorious, now having successfully resurrecting Flameheart. Dooming Pendragon so far into the Sea of the Damned that not even Belle can reach him.

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Just as the Army of the Dead begins to win their fight against the alchemists, they are all shocked to see that Brystal and the delegates successfully returned from the Temple of Knowledge and obtained the Book of Sorcery. Brystal uses a spell in the book to destroy the Army of the Dead. The armies work together to fight the Snow Queen, but she is extremely powerful and imprisons Seven, the fairies and witches, and the delegates, except for Brystal and Ryder, who is knocked unconscious. Ryder's dragon, Kitty, tries to kill the Snow Queen, who is trying to freeze Brystal's friends, but Brystal protects her former mentor. Madame Weatherberry begs her to withdraw her defenses and allow the Snow Queen to die. Brystal is devastated at having to kill her teacher, but finally she lowers her wand, and Madame Weatherberry dies in peace. With the Snow Queen gone, the battle ends, and the demons return to the center of the earth, taking Xanthous and Elrik with them. The fairies and witches begin cleaning up Chariot Hills and the Alchemy Institute with help from Ryder.


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