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Hudson Diaz
Hudson Diaz

Skyrim Special Edition Complete Crafting Overhaul

The crafting overhaul will make your production of new items far more sensible also, and the light lycanthropy remaster adds a number of interesting additions without being outright overbearing or overly complex. Great mods, all of these!

Skyrim Special Edition Complete Crafting Overhaul

In any other game I'd say you had a point but since perks are unlocked by skill level and skill level is unlocked by practise I don't think the criticism is as fair. Especially since the smithing tree it gated and tiered so you start out with the easy material and then it leads into the rest.That said I actually like the idea of a smithing system that is pure research based. Mechanically speaking you could set it that to unlock dwarven gear your character has to explore and research (clear) three dwarven dungeons say and bring back an item to 'study' (destroying it to learn its secrets like enchanting does) I always make it a point to find armour instead of crafting it myself wherever possible too.It would actually be cool if you added a starter smithing quest where the player has to start by researching and crafting ordinary clothes say just to learn about the patterns for fit. And if you felt was in keeping with the mod you could actually have special ultra high level dungeons where the player takes on enemies in ebony, daedric, dragon bone and dragon scale armour.In terms of patches there's Complete Crafting and Alchemy Overhaul that this probably touches and of course Ars Metallica.One thing I will say is I can't test mods that aren't flagged as ESL since I'm at my limit.


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