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Signs That You Should Have a Colonoscopy

Everyone needs to have a colonoscopy from time to time. If the test is performed on people with no symptoms and no risk factors, it has been shown to decrease death due to colorectal cancer by up to 65 percent. However, the benefits of screening depend greatly upon an accurate diagnosis of what is wrong in the first place. Unfortunately, many people who develop obscure gastrointestinal complaints, such as bleeding or persistent abdominal pain, will undergo a colonoscopy and not be told what specific condition they may or may not have. A leading cause of this situation is the so-called "rule-out" list: before your procedure, you were told that there was a chance you had a particular disease during your colonoscopy. This guide highlights the signs that you need a colonoscopy screening:

1) Blood in the stool

The medical experts warn that blood in your stools is not normal, no matter what your age. While it can be a sign of hemorrhoids, fissures, or even ulcers, it is also one of the